Plasma Swords

Use your thesaurus

    Because of legal reasons, I cannot say what this is.  But I think you get the idea.  I also teach how to use "plasma swords" in a more theatrical manner based on the techniques and training of Sogetsu ryu kenjutsu.  Since the original "plasma sword" techniques, and Star Wars in general, were based on Japanese swordsmanship, this seems fitting.  If you have your own battle ready light sword, feel free to bring it.
    My level of commitment to this is as deep as yours is.  If you want to train in the seven styles of the Jedi, than we can do that.  If you just want to learn about theatrical sword fighting, we can do that.  It's up to your level of interest.

    This is a free learning opportunity that will hopefully lead some people into the world of martial arts in general.